Friday, 6 March 2015

Features of Office Automation System (OAS)

1. Ubiquity: 

Office Automation is now a ubiquitous system. Firms around the world are ad office automation opting it eagerly because of its immense professionalism.

2. Automating manual tasks: 

This computer-controlled system focuses precisely in automating every possible task to bring furthermore comfort in working. 

Less labor yet ensuring efficient is of great utility for any firm which is rendered by the Office Automation system.

3. Lessening working-load: 

In today’s world the arena of work in firms are widening day by day to which this very system is quite well capable. Superior ability of handling load and increasing enjoyment in work is one of Office Automation system vital features.

4. Multitasking: 

There are so many types of customs that are performed in a firm. Office Automation system is there to handle this massively important custom of a firm, multitasking. 

From opening the entrance gate to controlling temperature inside the office complex and at the same time looking after all the necessary data processing steps and entries„an immense amount of work-load is handled by the system alone.

5. Ensured feasibility: 

Feasibility means practicability. Any work lacking feasibility remains questionable and doubtful. Office Automation system always has a close look at the confirmation of feasibility of work in an office. 

Time-to-time checking of entering input and measuring output makes the work acceptable for the managers to evaluate. Foundation of any greater effort or improvised tasks is mainly established through feasible results. 

In addition, taking correct, standard and up to the mark decisions is of great utility for managers to keep the smooth run of their firms among competitors. 

Feasibility of works and customs is essential to proceed here which is being ensured by the system. That makes a legitimate sense on how much important feature it is of the system.

6. Office environmental sustainability: 

The system is capable of making the workforce work on it, work with it. This is how it confirms its sustainability and adaptability with the office environment. 

If the system is not popular and manageable to use with the workforce, the system is on verge of failure and in this modern age of office lifestyle, Office Automation system’s failure deteriorates the harmony of order and tasks and leads the firm towards sheer drawbacks.

7. Scopes of competitive advantage: 

Competitive advantage means the forward-moving plus-point of a firm over other firms. A firm can start to think of reigning over other firms when it starts to increase the amount of competitive advantage. 

The immense positivity Office Automation system brings towards gaining competitive advantage over other firms is beyond uncertainty. 

It adds to the prosperity of firms and earns a greater assurance in surviving amid nail-biting competition in the market.

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