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Office Automation System Product: A big picture of 20 technologies

Question format: Write a short note on recent technologies are being used with help of Office Automation System (OAS) in organization

So far from this post you have come to know about the utility and users of Office Automation products and technologies. Now let’s see the bigger picture, an information-enriched explanation of automation products and technologies.

1. Internet Access and Control Systems:

Where there is Office Automation system in an office, it is ensured that the overall Internet access, connection maintenance, connection control are centrally done by that system. 

There is nothing to hide from the strict monitoring features of the system so that unwanted excessive use of computers, misuse of electricity and unauthorized viewing of network-stored data and information can be prohibited and found out. 

Internet access and control system is designed in such a way that the overall networking of the firm is running smoothly and no harm is done, at any level or degree.

2. Lighting Automation:

An office complex cannot run without electricity, it also cannot be run without lighting. A well-furnished office definitely has proper lighting. Lighting Automation is a part of Office Automation system which is a handy system here. 

It can be used as the solution to lightings around the office. Scheduled lighting, lighting in different departments or parts of the office, automatic lighting and so on” all of them ensure electricity-saving lighting solutions for the firm.

3. Networking:

If the office is supposed to be a cell, its networking automation facility is like the nucleus of it. In today’s ever changing world, an office without virtual network or its own network is a big mismatch. 

Whenever a company or organization intends to grow its business far and wide, it goes online and for that networking is a must. Networking not only refreshes the identity of a firm to its customers, it also helps in creating ease of work in the workforce. 

It improves efficiency to a big deal as the feasibility of work is ensured by it. This priceless addition of benefit from Office Automation has certainly brought about a revolution in firms around the world.

4. Telephoning system:

Telephoning system goes under telecommunication system of a firm. The whole office has a working telecommunication experience for it. Necessary and emergency calling, incoming calls from other countries are controlled by this very system. 

The usage of intercom system ensures frequent calling inside the firm. PABX system makes multi-telephoning easy as it lessens the load of calls received and dialed. In a word, to make sure the whole firm is communicable- this product of Office Automation works very effectively.

5. Security devices and technologies:

For security reasons, every firm needs to be careful. For this, monitoring on various necessary places in the firm is of immense importance. 

There are a lot of areas inside the firm where many important tasks are done or valuable resources are stored or situated. Not surprisingly, Office Automation system ensures the security of firms almost single-handedly with its various security-ensuring products, technologies or devices. 

Close-circuit Television Camera (CCTV), spy camera, metal detection device, Access Controlling system, fingerprint analyzer, face-recognizing technologies etc. are some of the vastly useful products and technologies rendered by it.

6. Automated Attendance controlling system:

Automation attendance controlling system leads to take care of employee attendance in the office. The identity cards of the employees are to be punched to the device which takes count of their attendance and the timing of leaving office also. 

This is done by the software inscribed in the device. This product of Office Automation system helps managers to have clear ideas on the attendance report of the workforce.

7. Automatic door and window lock/opener:

Automatic door and window lock and opener ease and improve the office working environment. If this very technology is in use, there is no need of human effort to open or lock doors and windows. 

Motion sensing technology-enriched devices help the door to open whenever anything is about to pass through it and some doors can be programmed in such way that this feature won’t work without the password. This product of Office Automation system hardens inside security of the firm.

8. Barcode system:

Barcode system is, by now, a widely used system for product security. Mainly this Office Automation product prevents the product from being stolen. Also for product identification and in storage management, Barcode system is used.

9. Scanning & Printing Facility: 

Scanner & printers are, in this modern age offices, are two most common things. One cannot simply think of a firm without scanners and printers. 

As Office Automation lessens paper work, so many documents and soft copies of innumerable documents are needed daily to be printed, photocopied or scanned for different purposes. This is where the massive importance of the scanning and printing facility lies.

10. Motion detector:

Motion detector mainly influences in maintaining security issue of the firm. Unauthorized people detector system is the product here. 

For detecting people coming from outside the firm, to keep a track of their entrance and presence inside the firm, this system of Office Automation comes very handy.

11. Vehicle detection/GPS Technology:

Vehicle detection and GPS Technology takes care of vehicles inside the firm’s car parking lounge area. GPS (Global Positioning System) helps the most to keep track of vehicles like finding the exact location of them. 

For official vehicle tracking, fuel consumption, these two very needful products of Office Automation does splendid job.

12. Audio Control System:

Audio conference is greatly useful for communicating with the managers, any for previously decided meetings. This Office Automation product can be an emergency substitute or a last ditch means of holding any meeting or conference.

13. Video Conference System:

A firm’s another necessary feature is to have the ability for video conferencing. For this, that firm has to be equipped with the Video Conferencing System. 

It is needed badly for holding video conference between different offices or show-rooms. This Office Automation product ensures managers to be visible and actively present in meetings where they don’t necessarily don’t need to be present physically.

14. Air-conditioning system:

To keep a work-friendly temperature inside the office, air-conditioning system is of great utility. This adds to the comfort of all the employees working in the office. 

For keeping temperatures normal, this product of Office Automation system centrally controls cooling of air inside the firm.

15. Pool or spa controls:

Not every office has this facility of pool and spa. This Office Automation product works effectively in keeping an acceptable environment of the pool and spa areas which can control flow of water in the pool and water temperature, spa timing, spa cleaning, spa temperature, operate filter pumps etc. for the assurance of comfort of the customers.

16. Remote monitoring:

It is one of the advanced Office Automation products. It mainly deals with production issue. It is a different system that monitors the whole production infrastructure of the firm or factory.

17. Use Different types of Software:

Office Automation system has a lot of tasks to do. Thus it should be equipped with multi-tasking and reliable substitute Marketing Automation Software‘s so that in case any software’s failure, the other software’s can do the tasks.

18. Cash counter/Fake note detector:

Cash counting device and fake note detector are two immensely popular Office Automation products around the world. 

The first one makes counting cash easy as ever and the second one prohibits the firm from being deceived regarding cash-flow issues. Does not this help you have your money properly counted while in you are in your bank?

19. Fire protection System:

Fire protection system beggars no description why it is important for any firm. It is the ultimate security issue! An office on fire, it is never a pleasing sight. 

This doubtlessly important Office Automation system ensures proper protection for fighting the fire with fire alarm, immediate water pouring through different points set on the ceilings on different floors of the office. 

It saves the office, literally from being massively harmed by the fire and saves a lot of post-fire office rebuilding costs.

20. Electricity Backup System/IPS/UPS:

As we all know an uninterrupted supply of electricity is a must for any firm, electricity backup system is necessary for it to happen. In case of electricity failure, this system delivers the needed electricity and keeps the whole office working smoothly as before. 

The computers in the office should have UPS connected with it for the necessary backup. In addition, electricity generators mainly do the backup job for electricity failure. That is Office Automation product, all the way!

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